About the challenge

This is the first in its kind: Anti Hackathon! The objective of each team is to ship as many projects as possible in the 48 hour window. This is a fast paced and ever changing competition that will require participants to be on their A game the entire time while also being fun for beginner programmers. The whole hackathon score will be livestreamed all 48 hours on Twitch in addition to our special guest speakers, workshops, and other learning opportunities. 

There are generous individuals and organizations pledging to donate to St. Jude's Children Research Hospital per project shipped in this hackathon. 

PyraHacks is open to any type of student whether they be in middle school, high school, or college!

There will be a lot of extra fun activities and prizes at PyraHacks!!!

Finding a team


It is absolutely fine to join PyraHacks if you do not have a team! We highly recommend you make or join a team! We have a Discord server linked below where you can find teammates!

Get started

Sign up on here on Devpost: https://pyrahacks.devpost.com/

Join the Discord and introduce yourself! https://discord.pyrahacks.com

Consider making a pledge to St. Jude (Optional): https://forms.gle/xmTkxbGs6NDpffFh6



What to Build

PyraHacks is different from your average hackathon at PyraHacks the goal is not to create the best project, but as many projects as your team can in the 48 hour time span!

A team must create as many projects as they can . . . 

A project must have a defined purpose based on an original idea.

How to Submit

Submit projects on the form (to be made) on the website or here in devpost.

Hackathon Sponsors


$13,459 in prizes

Free One Night Stay Voucher in the Peabody Hotel

Each member of the wining team will get a free voucher to stay in the famous Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis.

St. Jude Donation Values

This is the current value of pledges to St. Jude is $5 per project for 310 projects. The hackers in this hackathon must make as many projects as possible to unlock the full potential of these generous donations!

Leading Learners Expansion Pack (3)

The top 3 teams will receive a Leading Learner Expansion Pack! Leading Learner Expansion Packs focus on thoroughly explaining 15 ways for student winners to completely focus on the idea's growth, innovation, and expansion of their projects. These practices, tips, and resources were assembled by the Leading Learners Chief
Executives on how we scaled our enterprise to thousands of students each
month. We provide unique QR codes for awardees to access the documents
that comes within each Pack.

Top Workshop Attendees

This prize rewards people who attend and are involved workshops and talks. The top workshop attendee will be given a $100 book allowance. The second top attendee will be given a $60 book allowance. The third top workshop attendee will be given a $50 book allowance. This is decided by how many workshops and talks the participant attends, and how involved they are such as completing the project or asking questions. Ties will be decided by projects points.

Top Entrepreneurial Project - A copy of Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters (3)

One copy of the book Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters will be given to the top teams with the most votes for top entrepreneurial project. To enter for this prize you must submit your project to DevPost.

Echo 3D Business Plan for All Participants (100)

Echo 3D has generously given every PyraHacks participant Echo 3D Business Plan for free! (Ignore the 30 will get this as it is given to every participant)

Free Stickers for All Participants! (100)

Sticker Mule will generously provide free stickers to all participants of the hackathon. (Currently only for Hackers in the lower 48 United States)

Free Replit Pro for All Participants! (100)

Every participant in PyraHacks will get a free month of Replit Pro!

Certificate of Completion (100)

Everyone who completes PyraHacks will receive a certificate of completion from https://givemycertificate.com

$10 Amazon Gift Card

This will be given to a random social media follower. Follow our social media's below

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PyraHacks

IG: https://www.instagram.com/pyrahackshq/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pyrahacks/

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Blake Freeman
Organizer, Co-Founder @ Memphis Hack Club

Philip Pounds

Philip Pounds
Organizer, Co-founder @ Memphis Hack Club

Judging Criteria

  • As Many Projects as Possible. . .
    Projects must have a definite purpose solving real world problems. However, this is a beginner friendly hackathon so maybe a project is as simple as making a simple web page informing users about a specific cancer.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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